Exciting News!

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Exciting News!

Hello all of our loyal comic fans! We here at Comic Warriors are excited to announce upcoming changes to our online website. While many of you are used to our website as a way to maintain your subscriptions we've always wanted it to be something more. You've probably noticed the lack of actual things to buy on our website and for awhile now that has been by design. However going forward that'll be a thing of the past (hopefully, technical difficulties aside)!

As of today and going forward you'll be able to peruse the books we'll have available on the New Comic Rack by Tuesday Evening! Not only that but we'll also be integrating high end slabs and other goodies as we get acclimated to this process.

How does this benefit you? 

  • No longer will you risk getting to the shop and we don't have the specific thing you're looking for!
  •  Whether you have 15 titles or not any online pre orders that are prepaid will receive our 20% discount (you can also be opted in to having your sub emailed to you each week where we'll also apply the discount!)
  • You'll be seeing all available titles we'll have on the wall come Wednesday morning and if we don't have it don't hesitate to reach out to us and we can order it for you!
  • Don't live in Texas? No worries we ship! 1-2 books $6.00 shipping, 3-9 $9.00 shipping and any orders over $100 qualify for free shipping! (international shipping will be calculated separately)

We'll hope you'll enjoy utilizing these new benefits as much as I had fun typing this out (please help, they've had me in this cage for months).

Ahem, Happy New Comic Day everyone!

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