Rick And Morty Super Spring Break Special #1 Cover A Dean Rankine (Mature)

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IT'S SPRING BREAK, FOR RICK'S SAKE! Slap on a Speedo and slather on that suntan lotion, because the omniverse's most dysfunctional grandfather/grandson combo is about to catch an unhealthy dose of extra-solar radiation in an absolutely gargantuan, absurdly overstuffed 64-PAGE GIANT! Aw yeah, spring break! Rick, Summer, and Morty have ventured offworld to a planet where young, sexy vacationers from around the universe come to party, cut loose, and compete in the annual Spring Break contest! While Summer has just enough self-respect to avoid vying for Ms. Spring Break, Rick doesn't! And he's all in on winning Mr. Spring Break. But little do our heroes know that winning the Spring Break competition comes with a steep "reward," and if the winner refuses the reward, well, it may just unleash a swift and vicious class war between the exploited and exasperated locals and the pampered and unprepared spring breakers.