Teen Titans Go To The Library TPB

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AN ALL-NEW ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL THAT GOES BEYOND THE HIT ANIMATED SERIES! Shhhh...there's no super-heroics allowed in the library! All Raven wanted was a little peace and quiet, and the local library seemed like the perfect place to find that. But her teammates know all her tricks, and when they catch up to her, all heck breaks loose. It's not their fault: there's a villain on the loose! And that villain has a dastardly plot! And it could only happen at the library! When the teens get scattered into the library books, first they have to figure out what happened, then they have to find each other, then they have to find the real Jump City. It's all in a day's work for our heroes. Not their normal day's work, which involves a lot of punching and posing. This is more like a reader's day's work! You know: the fun kind!