Borealis #2 (Cover A) (Cliff Richards)

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From writer of comics and screen Mark Verheiden (TheAmerican, Aliens, Timecop, Falling Skies), writer/actor AaronDouglas (Battlestar Galactica, The Bridge), and artist CliffRichards (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Justice League) comes Borealis, a freezing nightmare of paranormal terror! Alaska State Trooper Silaluk “Sil” Osha’s investigation into aseries of gruesome slayings draws her deeper into darkness,as a shipment of illegal liquor lies shattered on thesnow—along with its mobster smugglers, victims of a deadlyforce beyond understanding. With no clear suspect at hand,the local underworld arms up for retaliation, but while Sil’scase evidence holds no keys to the murderous mystery, theremay be only one place Sil needs to look—into a mirror!