Star Trek: Strange New Worlds--The Scorpius Run #5 Variant C (Vilchez)

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Captain Pike’s worst nightmare has come to fruition. Under immense gravitational waves on the racecourse, the Enterprise’s shields have collapsed, its hull integrity is failing, and the ship is being torn apart, piece by piece. All the while, Spock is aboard an alien vessel of foreign tech, among a crew desperate to push on and win Zephyx’s race. He just may be the Enterprise crew’s only hope for survival, but can he persuade the others to defy Zephyx when their home planet is on the line, and can he do so in time? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to Strange New Worlds: The Scorpius Run!From the minds of Star Trek comics veterans Ryan Parrott and Angel Hernandez with story consultants Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer.