Coral's Reef Volume. 1

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From the creative team behind My Little Pony: The Manga (also from Seven Seas), this full-color fantasy graphic novel series for kids and adults is about the fun daily life of a teenage sea sprite!Meet Coral, a sweet-natured girl who lives with her parents, kid sister Maki, and pet sea otter in the seaside town of Reef Beach. She's no different than any other teenager--except like all inhabitants of New Lemuria, she's not quite human. Coral is a sea sprite, and when not at school, or helping out in her mom's dress shop, or hanging out with friends, she's out catching waves on her beloved surfboard. But Coral's life is about to turn upside down once dreamy fire ifrit, Nick Inferno, comes to town. How can she not crush on this boy who is literally burning hot?!