Aod Forever #3 Cover A Mattina

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Evil masterminds TONY FLEECS and JUSTIN GREENWOOD continue to pollute the time streams with all things Ash and Evil Dead! In this issue: Stuck in the future, a heavily bearded Ash tries to track down pieces of the Necronomicon, while in the past, Sheila faces off against a horde of Deadites at Castle Kandar. And in the present day, Bad Ash is gearing up to start "surfing" the "Internet." Remember AOL? Well, it's about to become AOD! Following up on the cliffhanger ending to the Army of Darkness Director's Cut, this fast-paced series features covers by four incredible horror icons, including series writer/mastermind TONY FLEECS, East of West artist Nick Dragotta, zombie king ARTHUR SUYDAM, and master painter FRANCESCO MATTINA!